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MH Outdoors

While the weather is good, let's take advantage of this safer way to gather! We expect these programs to run until mid-November, when it will get pretty chilly.

Please keep in mind that all in-person gatherings are subject to the whims of COVID and weather.

  • If in-person gatherings come to be deemed unsafe, we will need to return to virtual gatherings. 
  • If a teacher or a child feels at all unwell, they should not attend. 
  • Please dress for the weather, including rainy days! If the weather is dangerous, however, we will cancel.
  • Activities are designed to maintain distance between children, but we realize it is unlikely that we will be able to execute this perfectly. Therefore, ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST WEAR MASKS even though we are outdoors.

All classes will be held at a local park. Please contact Amy at to register and get more information.


Shabbat morning programs 

Judaism in the Woods (K-2nd grade): Join Jewish nature educator Amy Price to explore all the beauty and sacredness of God's largest sanctuary. Our overarching goal is to encourage our children's natural sense of awe and curiosity in creation.  Specific topics include the Creation story in Torah, blessings, natural "sukkot"/ shelters that offer protection for creatures, our interconnectedness and interdependence. Each session is 45 minutes. 

Outdoor Tefillah (3-4th grade and 5-7th grade): Join Judaics teacher Rachel Jenks for walking tefillah. We'll explore beautiful trails, talk about our different ways of connecting to prayer, and come to know our Shabbat morning prayer service more intimately. Each session is 45 minutes.

Camp-Style Torah (3-4th grade and 5-7th grade): Join long time Ramah Darom counselor and Rosh Eidah Avery Frank for outdoor activities and games that help us relate to the people in some of our most beloved Torah stories. How are they feeling? Why do they behave the way they do? What can we learn from them -- or what advice can we offer them? Each session is 45 minutes. 



Sun, January 16 2022 14 Shevat 5782