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In-Person Services and Meeting Protocol

Shalom Chaverim,

We continue to assess our Covid response and our protocols are subject to change. 

Services, Classes and Meetings:

  • We require everyone entering the building to wear their masks during services, school, and meetings.  This policy enables us to continue to protect all of us, especially the most vulnerable members of our community
  • We strongly encourage distanced seating
  • When outside, masks are not required

Kiddush, Oneg and Meals:

  • Kiddush, Oneg and Meals may be cancelled, with little to no notice, based on the latest recommendations from our Covid Committee
  • We will provide both indoor and outdoor seating when we serve food,  and encourage you to choose whichever space in which you are most comfortable
  • When in a buffet line, we request that you wear your mask, whether the buffet is set up inside or outside
  • When not eating or drinking indoors, we request that you wear your mask

We strongly recommend frequent washing/disinfecting of hands.

Facemasks and hand sanitizer are always available at the Reception Desk.

Why must I wear a mask when in the sanctuary, when I am not required to wear one when eating indoors?

These are two different spaces and two different activities. In our Sanctuary, where people are singing, chanting and reading, with this being the only space where community worship takes place, we believe that wearing masks allow the broadest group of our congregation to gather as safely as possible.  In our Social Hall and Courtyard, we believe that each member may choose where to sit for Kiddush, based on their personal comfort level.  You may choose to sit outside, sit inside, or take your food to go.

You continue to impress and amaze us with your willingness to be flexible with your ongoing engagement with our programs. We are grateful and appreciate having you as our community.


Gail Duner – President
Rabbi Lauren Henderson
Jason Parker – Executive Director

Sun, January 16 2022 14 Shevat 5782