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Return Anew - תחזור מחדש

There's been a lot of talk about "returning to normal" over the last few months.  And I have to admit, as much as I've been throwing myself gleefully into hugging and making plans to travel, I feel some tension in the calls to return.  Will returning just throw us back into the before-times and not acknowledge all of the ways things are different now?

What if things aren't the same as I remembered?  What if everything's changed?  What if I've changed?  What if that's a good thing?

All over the natural world, there are forces that call the part back to the whole; that call us back to our home or our source.  It's the urge that beckons the birds to migrate home once again, the force that pulls the river toward the great expanse of the sea.

In our tradition, it's the soud of the shofar that calls us to return in the weeks leading up to the High Holidays.

Each of us hears the shofar call in our own way - an alarm bell, a cry of grief and longing, a call to arms, a shout of triumph.  For me, this year the shofar is saying: Don't forget what you've learned this year in those rare moments of clarity.  Don't forget the people that are no longer here with us.  Try to stay awake to the truth of the world, even as old habits and inertia want to flood back in.

Rav Soloveitchik wrote: "The whole essence of the precept of teshuvah (repentence) is longing, yearning, pining to return again.  Longing develops only when one has lost something precious."  This year, the High Holidays are an opportunity to hold space open for our yearnings and longings, for our deepest questions about who we are, how we've changed, and who we want to be - as individuals and as a community - moving forward.

So wherever you have been in this last year of wandering, we want to invite you to return home, anew. 

Rabbi Lauren Henderson


The Core: Tefillah/Prayer

While we are hoping to welcome most of you back to the sanctuary for services this year, we will also be providing the option to participate via Zoom. 

Due to the virulence of the Delta variant of Covid, we will return to requiring that everyone who comes in person to the building wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status. In addition to wearing masks, we kindly request that all in attendance observe social distancing when inside of the building, including when seated.  

Because of the uncertain nature of COVID, we will not confirm until a few weeks before services the number of congregants allowed in the sanctuary and therefore will not confirm which services you will receive tickets to attend in person until mid-August.  To assist us in our planning and accommodate as many congregants as possible, we are asking each household to complete a survey by clicking here

At this time we are only planning to host members in the sanctuary.  In the hope that this may change, please provide counts for any additional tickets you would like for the services for adult children, visiting family and friends, etc.  Please contact the office if you have a potential new member interested in attending services.

Youth programming will occur for in person attendees from 10:00am-1:00pm on both days of Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur. Any unvaccinated children will be required to wear a mask when indoors or unable to socially distance.  We are working to provide as much outdoor programming as possible.

Babysitting will be offered at an additional charge based on interest.

Volunteers Needed

High Holidays cannot happen without
all of Or Hadash's amazing volunteers. 
This year we need help with 
parking lot security, ushering, welcome
table and youth programming.

Please click here to sign up. Make sure
you are on the appropriate tab.


New Year, New Mahzor

This year, Or Hadash will be using a
new pray book for the High Holidays. 
Lev Shalem is the companion to our
weekly Sidur (prayer book). amazing volunteers. If you would like to purchase

a copy ($54), or borrow a copy to use at home, please contact the office at 404.250.3338.  A Mahzor will be
available to all in-person attendees.


Tikun Olam/Repairing the World

This year Or Hadash will be collecting
food for the
hungry leading up to
and during the High Holidays.Please
drop off non-perishable items at
Or Hadash through Yom Kippur.


Preparing for the High Holiday Journey

Or Hadash will be offering programming throughout the summer and fall.
Click here for a full schedule of events.

Tue, October 19 2021 13 Cheshvan 5782