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Bnai Mitzvah Honors Form

B'nai Mitzvah Family Information

Parent/Guardian Information

Ark Openings

In this section, list the names of the individuals accepting honors. 

Torah Honors

Instructions: Two Aliyot (usually #4 and #5) are reserved by the rabbis for congregants. The Bar/Bat Mitzvah family can still assign the Torah Reader for those aliyot. Insert the word “Congregant” for the Honoree for the two aliyot assigned for the congregation. The parents are usually the Honorees for the 7th Aliyah, and the Bar/Bat Mitzvah is usually honored with the Maftir Aliyah. Also, for Aliyot that you do not know the names of the Torah readers, insert the word “Congregant”.

Additional Honors

Sat, December 14 2019 16 Kislev 5780