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Family Promise-June 2021

Wanda and Rosie continue to triage calls and help families in our community with case management, resources, supplies, food, and gift cards. Wanda is now providing routine case management for not only our families in the program but our aftercare families and 20 community families this year so far! Thanks to you and your congregation we are able to provide and assist our community families.

Tashae (Mother) TyQuan (son) age 13 attends Middle School and TyJuan (son) age 9 elementary school. Tashae is employed by a local hotel. Tashae has a very understanding manager and allows the children to come to work with her while they do their school work. This family is our newest family and is working toward finding affordable housing.

Greg and Nykeil: Greg works in banking and Nykeil his son attends school online at his grandmothers, they are scheduled to graduate from the program at the end of May and have been approved for permanent housing. We have assisted this family with transportation while his car was being worked on.

Daaiyah and Terijha: Daaiyah has had a difficult time sustaining employment because of car issues, we have helped this family with car repairs but it has just not been enough. We have moved  them to a hotel for the next 30 days and will keeping them in the program. We have learned that Terijha needs a level of care that we cannot provide and a hotel was the best solution. They are doing well and we are providing food gift cards for them for the next thirty days as well. This family is waiting on a tax return that should help with purchasing a new vehicle.

Celeste and Horace: Celeste works in banking and Horace is in the onboarding stage of gaining employment. They have two teens that are good students and attend Charter Schools virtually. This family has also had car issues and we assisted them with Uber cards to get to and from work and interviews.

Canddise and Christoper: Graduated in March, in their new apartment and they are in our Aftercare Program. We are so proud of them.


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