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My name is JT [Jonah Throne] and I love being a Cub. I love making bottle rockets, racing in the Pinewood Derby, going on fun trips, helping others and having fun with my pack friends, in Pack 1818 out of Atlanta, Georgia!

Our recruitment and fundraising is happening now through the month of SeptemberClick here to grab quality Kosher goodies for the holidays.


Pack 1818 is having a Virtual Meet & Greet on Wednesday, September 30. This would be a good time to find out what they are all about. Click here to RSVP! If you are interested in scouting, but need more information, please visit their website or reach out to Adam Throne.

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10/13: Grandchildren of Survivors (3G)
10/23: Defeating Hitler's Final Solution...
10/27: Midlife as an Opportunity
11/01: The Dual Reality of Trauma Survivors... 
11/12: Meet the author - Roslyn Franken
11/22: Anxiety & Other Post-Traumatic Reactions...
12/08: Intimacy and Trauma
12/09: Mindfulness is the Secret to Effective Self-Care
12/11: Book Talk with Greta Brewer
12/20: The Relationships Between Adult Siblings (2Gs)...
01/03: Midlife as an Opportunity

01/12: Unique Strengths of Children of Survivors
01/24: Grandchildren of Survivors (3G)
02/02: Art by the 2nd & 3rd Generation Survivors
02/14: Intimacy and Trauma
02/23: The Legacy...



MINDTRIPS is a monthly online lecture/discussion series curated by Etgar 36. Each month MINDTRIPS will host experts who will address some of today’s hottest topics. While each session stands on its own, the series follows a narrative showing us ways to create a more perfect union. 

Click graphic for access.

OCTOBER 18 – EVAN WOLFSON – “Win the hearts and minds of America”



Tue, September 29 2020 11 Tishrei 5781