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Bar Mitzvah Bash | May 21, 2017

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We Love Lifting Our Voices!

Rabbis' Song: COH Bar Mitzvah Bash

We’ve heard there was a group of Jews
Who dreamt a dream to build a Shul
But you don’t really care for buildings, do you?
From church to church, from home to school
Nomadic life, the dream came true
A new light shining strongly, Hallelujah 

Chorus - Hallelujah (4)

Embracing all, we grew in size
New members joining our mishpacha
But you don’t really care for buildings, do you?
The music filling our neshama
Our passion for Tikkun Olam 
The joy in every milestone, Hallelujah

Chorus - Hallelujah (4)

The sound of children in the room
Playing, learning, praying too. 
But you don’t really care for buildings, do you?
Our love for Israel is strong
We’re planting seeds l’dor v’dor
While crying, laughing, singing Hallelujah

Chorus - Hallelujah (4)

Eventually we built our home
This sanctuary to welcome all
Illuminate the light within, would you?
And as we reach our Bar Mitzvah
To God we thank for this Bracha
To Or Hadash: Lechaim, Hallelujah!

Chorus - Hallelujah (4)


The congregation celebrated our Rabbis with this song written by
N. Sandy Epstein and Elizabeth Appley for our first congregational retreat.

We’re Feeling Thankful for Our Rabbis
(Sung to the tune of “I’m Getting Married in the Morning”)

We’re feeling thankful for our Rabbis.
Mario and Analia are so fine.
Or Hadash is growing.
Reviews are all glowing.
To be with them is just divine.

We’re glad they came from Argentina
Bringing their beauty, brains and charm.
No one thinks deeper.
Each one’s a keeper.
Together coming arm in arm.

Praying together
And sharing fun.
Our voices singing
Ringing out as one.

Synagogues should always start in churches.
There’s no place that we would rather be.
We love our first home
Even when we roam.
Three cheers for SSUMC!

High holidays were just entrancing.
Who ever thought it could be done?
Sermons to ponder.
No tickets to squander.
We kept our rabbis on the run.


We’re having simchas in our new shul.
Or Hadash Bar Mitzvahs are first rate.
Weddings and birthdays,
Candy and new ways.
We love a chance to celebrate.

Our rabbis make Shabbat a blessing.
Kabbalat Hadash is just the thing.
Singing and swaying,
Dancing and praying,
In candle light – all welcoming.


Thank you for bringing us together.
We love you, though we cannot rhyme.
It’s only starting.
We’re never parting.
We love Or Hadash!
We love Or Hadash!
Thank God for founding Or Hadash in time!

Member and Corporate Sponsors

Thank you to our incredible member and corporate sponsors. Your generosity helped make this event a phenomenal success.

Presenting Sponsor
Annette Marcus Catering

Corporate Sponsors
Gold Investigations, Inc.
Yum Boutique Catering

Member Sponsors by Level

Lois and Larry Frank
Merle and David Horwitz
Rosanne and Andy Kauss
Annette and Ted Marcus
Michael and Carol Buchalter Mittel
Ken Stein and Lynn Epstein and Family
Steve and Melinda Wertheim

Gail and Bruce Duner
Jeanney Kutner
Brad Slutsky and Karen Sukin

Sara and Robert Franco
Howard and Patty Maziar

Elaine and Jerry Blumenthal
Morris Benveniste and Gabriela Siegel
Steve and Gita Berman
Shiel and Margo Edlin
David Epstein and Stacey Hader Epstein
Rosie Fiedotin
Michal Ilai and Julie Glasson
Barbara and Mark Murovitz
Robert Strauss
Jay Strongwater and Betsy Edelman
Dawn and Eric Tresh
Fred and Leslie Wachter
David and Julie Weinstein

Ron and Arline Scheinzeit

Marc and Sue Backer
Janette and Steven Berne
Elliott and Judith Cohen
Sherman and Lisa Cohen
Charles and Amanda Cohn
Sheila and Michael Dalmat
Geoffrey and Brenda Deckelbaum
Kathy and Bob Eisenband
Carl and Myrna Feigenbaum
Gerald and Judith Feuer
Paul and Barbara Flexner
Phyllis and Richard Franco
Sherry Frank
Doug and Marj Friedman
Rabbi Lisa Gelber
Paul and Sally Ginburg
Yaacov and Karin Golan
Harry Heiman and Abby Friedman
Steven and Beverly Hornick
Jay and Natalie Kaiman
Harriet Kaminsky
Meryl and Paul Kaufman
Renee and Morris Lebowitz
Joan and Steve Levene
Sharon and Mike Levison
Steven and Jennifer Linowes
Joel C. Lobel and Debbie Smith
Sandra Cuttler and Gary Lotner
Arlene Mitchell
Ben and Raina Nadler
Sherrie and Kenneth Reish
Debbie and Les Schneider
Stan and Judith Schnitzer
Robert and Gladys Schussel
Sandy and Gail Seidman
Cedric and Maxine Suzman
Karen and Dan Weinberg
David and Deborah Woodsfellow

Co-Chairs, Committee Members, and Event Volunteers

Thank you to all of the amazing volunteers who donated their time and energy into seeing this beautiful evening from start to finish.

    Co-chairs: Sherry Frank, Merle Horwitz, and Rosanne Kauss

    Committee Members and Event Helpers: Sue Backer, Ed Berman, Adina Bradshaw, Geoffrey Deckelbaum, Doug Friedman, Marj Friedman, Katie Kauss, Ben Nadler, Hanora Rosen, Sandy Sarlin, Jennifer Stokes, Casey Stokes, and Dawn Tresh

Silent Auction Goodies Still Available

Thank you to our generous members for donating wonderful items and services for our silent auction!

Eli Ben Moshe, Janette Berne, Rabbi Analia Bortz, Adina Bradshaw, Lawrence Burka, Allee Burka, Carla Cohavi, Sherry Frank, Yaacov Golan, Merle Horwitz, Sondra Ilgenfritz, Anne Jeffres, Rabbi Mario Karpuj, Devi Knapp, Linda Lippitt, Dora Manela, Bernice Savell, Matt Simpson, Dorie Sokol, Ronette and Adam Throne, Fred Wachter, and Steve Wertheim

We have a few wonderful items still available from the silent auction.
Please reach out to Adina Bradshaw if you want to know more about these items. Thanks! 

Stone and Crystal Necklace and Earrings
Handmade, double knotted, semi-precious stone; 17"+2" extender necklace; matching stone and crystal earrings; courtesy of Dazzl Jewlery Boutique; Value: $125 (available for $30)

Tutoring with Allee Burka
Allee Burka is a certified Orton Gillingham Associate. Allee will provide two 50 minute sessions of reading tutoring using the Orton Gillingham approach. Tutoring sessions are appropriate for students in Kindergarten through 5th grade who are having difficulty reading and/or spelling. The tutoring sessions will take place at a mutually agreed upon location. Courtesy of Allee Burka; Value: $200 (available for $100)

Ramah Darom 50% off Family Camp - Value of Each Noted Below (available for $100)

SUMMER FAMILY CAMP: Session A - June 28-July 2 | Session B - July 26-July 30
Experience a fun week of Jewish living where adults will enjoy relaxation, recreation and exciting classes while children participate in camp activities! Enjoy plenty of family bonding time. Best suited for children ages 3-10. (Valued at $680 for 2 adults and 2 children over age 3. Regular fee is $500/adult; $180/child)

WINTER BREAK FAMILY CAMP: December 27, 2017 - January 1, 2018
Enjoy a stress-free, meaningful, Jewish week in the beautiful mountains of North Georgia with your family of all ages where you’ll enjoy learning, playing, resting and exploring. Of course there will be a spectacular New Year’s Eve celebration! (Valued at a minimum of $600 depending on the accommodations you choose, ranging from $1,200-$2,000)



Thank you for a wonderful event and an incredible Bar Mitzvah Year!

Tue, December 7 2021 3 Tevet 5782